Types of Faux Finishes: Venetian Plaster

Trying to capture the elegance of polished marble or natural stone while still keeping your walls warm, inviting, and budget-friendly? Applying a Venetian plaster faux finish can replicate the smooth, multi-dimensional look of expensive stone seamlessly in a variety of décor settings.

Classic Italian Villa Charm

Venetian plaster originated in Italy as Renaissance-era homeowners used plaster to coat their walls, often layering it on for added protection. Overtime the walls were burnished by people, animals, and objects touching the walls, creating a polished, rich look.

Traditional Venetian plaster is achieved by mixing thinned paint and slaked limestone and applying it to a surface in multiple thin layers then burnishing for an imperfect, textured look. The plaster then dries and carbonizes into stone to finish the look. This process can be replicated with plaster-style paint as a base coat and a tinted plaster applied with a trowel and roller.

Making Old-World Style New Again

Creating an authentic-looking Venetian plaster to your walls can be a challenge; it is one of the more difficult faux finishes. The layers of paint plaster must be applied specifically and at different angles to achieve the perfect look. Then the whole wall must be sanded and coated with a satin-style glaze for an tasteful, smooth sheen.

Use varying colors within the same family or along the same tone for a rich, deep effect in any room. Finish with a glaze to replicate the burnished, marble-like look, or use a matte finish to imitate a more natural, unpolished stone.

Though this is a more complicated faux painting technique, it certainly adds sophistication in both contemporary and classical style rooms. For a more modern look, use cool tones such as a slate gray layered over a strong white. For a more authentic, Venetian room try using warm tones like amber and taupe.

Contact the Professionals for the Best Results

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