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About West Coast Painting Your Gulf Coast Painting Contractor Since 1998

West Coast Painting is a family company whose values are entrenched in the Golden Rule. Our belief in providing our customers and trade partners with high-quality painting and finishing services isn’t just good business; it’s our moral obligation.

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1. steadfast adherence to the same principles.

2. agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially uniformity among the parts of a complex thing.

Why Choose WCP As Your Painting Contractor? What Sets Us Apart is Your Satisfaction

We are often asked “What sets your work apart from other painting contractors in Sarasota?” Sure, it’s easy to say “Great customer service.” But, those are just empty words without a rich history of satisfied customers. That’s the difference you receive with West Coast Painting.

While giving you the best work at a great price is a no-brainer, our success stems from that first conversation. By listening to you, we ensure your commercial or residential property has the look you’re trying to achieve.

If you’ve had a bad experience with other, so-called professionals, this can be a hard concept to imagine. However, by paying attention to what other painting companies have done, we can properly identify and prevent avoidable problems and headaches.

Here’s just one example of how West Coast Painting sets itself apart from other Sarasota painting contractors:

A common complaint you’ll hear from people is the bait and switch tactics that other painters use. It all starts with the estimate. While unscrupulous contractors take the definition of the word “estimate” to the extreme, we don’t. What does this mean for you?

At the completion of your project, there will be no incomplete tasks or extra “surprise” charges. We stay as true as humanly possible to your original estimate. If there are any required changes to be made, you will be informed of your choices well in advance of it affecting the completion of your project and your final bill.

Simple, right? By giving you a solid estimate, you avoid hidden costs and exclusions that the others guys might force onto you.

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1. producing or providing products or services of high quality or merit.

2. marked by a concentrated expenditure of involvement, concern, or commitment.

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