Epoxy Floor Systems

West Coast Painting of Sarasota Installs Epoxy Flooring

At West Coast Painting, we provide more than just painting services. We are experts at applying a wide range of epoxy floors systems for both industrial, commercial, and residential properties throughout Sarasota and the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Our professional installers know how to work with both colored and clear epoxy flooring and other coating systems. There are many advantages of remodeling your garage or warehouse with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring done right by West Coast Painting in Sarasota.

Why Choose an Epoxy Floor System for Your Property?

A new epoxy floor creates a:

  • Safe work environment. Many of the epoxy coatings we use provide a slip-resistant surface.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean space that looks much better than a concrete floor riddled with stains.
  • High-gloss finish that immediately adds a luxurious look and feel to any environment.
  • Very durable, industrial grade floor that can hold up against the daily grind of the workday.
  • Surface free of tire marks and oil stains.
  • More valuable property that stands out to prospective buyers.

Today is the day to start turning that dilapidated garage into a first class space. Many of our residential customers end up converting their garages into dens or other spaces to entertain friends and family.

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