How Not to Apply Metal Coating: Common Mistakes while Finishing Metal

Applying a finishing coating is an essential part of protecting both exterior and interior metal structures. Metal is not the most commonly seen material on buildings or homes which makes it easy to overlook its care and maintenance.  Generally, metal is used for roofs, siding, or sometimes as a decorative accent. Where ever you may have metal, it is important to apply a protective coating or finish to prevent premature breakdown and give it a polished look. In an especially humid and sunny climate, like Sarasota and all of Florida, it is very important to safeguard your metal from moisture and UV rays that cause rust and deterioration.

Applying the proper finish can significantly increase metal’s service life, but the process can be tricky. Be sure to take your time while coating any metal and watch out for these common mistakes.

Forgetting to Prep the Metal

Before any coating, finish, paint, or additional coating layers are applied, all the metal should be thoroughly prepped. Power-washing effectively cleans the metal and provides and even surface on which to apply your coating. Rust and corrosion should also be scraped off and treated completely.

Not Using Primer on Ferrous Metals

Metals such as iron, aluminum, and steel require a primer before any paint is applied in order to protect the metal itself. Primer also acts as an adhesive, to help the coating stick to the metal, extending the entire surface’s lifespan and strength.

Using Paint or Finish Not Specifically Designed for Metal

Trying to use leftover paint from other projects is a big no-no when starting your metal coating project. These paints will not adhere to the metal or primer correctly and may actually damage the metal itself or leave it exposed to the elements causing rust or discoloration.

Ignoring the Metal Once It’s Coated

As with most things in and around your home, coated or finished metal requires maintenance and shouldn’t be neglected even though it’s been protected. Cleaning the metal with a heavy duty cleaner and keeping it clear of excess debris twice a year gives it longevity and keeps it looking great.

Looking for a Professional Touch?

Painting or applying a finishing coat can be a daunting and confusing task. There are many different types of finishes available and each one may require a slightly different application. To make sure your metal project shines for years to come, contact the paint experts at West Coast Painting. We offer worry-free service and free consultations. Call now at 941-320-0332.

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