Project: Lakewood Ranch Athletic Center

When business owners need to refresh the look of their property, one of the best investments they can make is to repaint both the interior and exterior. A fresh coat of paint with a stylish color scheme can tell your current customers that you care and catch the eye of potential customers. It can also make things look new and updated without the hefty cost of a renovation.

The people over at Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club in Bradenton Florida knew they needed top quality professionals to handle the large painting project at their Athletic Center. As experts at commercial property painting, we knew we would have to complete the whole project on time and flawlessly, all without impeding the flow of daily business.

We employ only the best painters and staff to ensure every brush stroke is beautiful and that business can go on as usual. As a member-focused center, Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club wanted to keep the Athletic Center open and functional throughout the painting process. We’re happy to say that we completed our painting all while members were able to use the entire facility. See more pictures of the interior and exterior painting work West Coast Painting completed for the Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club’s Athletic Center.

Discover the West Coast Painting Difference

We know how important maintaining professionalism and an attractive space for your customers is key to a successful business.  Most importantly, we know that business needs to keep going, that’s why we believe in blending in with normal day-to-day operations, so that you can have all the benefits of a fresh paint job without sacrificing any time.

So call us today at 914-365-1895 and ask us about how we can refresh the look of your commercial property, whether interior, exterior, or both.

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