What to Look for When Hiring a Painting Contractor for Your Home

Hiring a professional contractor to paint your house should take the stress out of a big project and leave your rooms or exterior looking flawless. To ensure your painting project is the best on the block, be on the lookout for these 5 things before you hire.

Proper Insurance

With each potential painting contractor you should ask a few simple but essential questions to get the best painter for the job. The most important question is whether or not your contractor carries insurance. All painters should have general liability covering at least 1 million dollars, to protect you and themselves in case of an accident.

The Right License

Many states require professional painters to hold a license in order to receive compensation for their work. Check with your contractor about providing copies of both the painting license and the business license which allows them to work in your state.  Of course, some states, such as Florida, do not require a license to paint. But your county could, so be sure to check with your local municipality for license requirements.

Pictures of Similar Projects

Since you won’t know exactly what you’re getting when you go to hire a painting contractor, the best way to get a feel for their work is to look at pictures of jobs they’ve already done. A good, professional company should have their work showcased on their website, or be able to show you photographs at your request. Do your best to check out the details, like whether the trim, areas around the light fixtures, switches and electrical outlets. These fine points aren’t as noticeable as the overall paint project, but they can tell you a lot about the contractor’s attention to detail.

Great References & Testimonials

A great painting contractor will be able to provide great references for their work.  Written testimonials on the company’s website are a great start. It means not only did the painters do a great job and someone was willing to go on record to support that, but also that the contractor cares about his customers and wants to show potential customers his dedication. It’s even better to speak to the references yourself, to ask direct questions that are important to you and your specific project.

The West Coast Painting Difference

The best thing to look for when hiring a painting contractor is the name West Coast Painting. We provide top notch service, guaranteed expertise, and the peace of mind that comes with hiring the best. Call us now for your free estimate 941-320-0332.

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