Types of Faux Finishes: Color Washing

Whether you’re looking to add a defined accent wall or give subtle nuance to an entire space, faux paint finishes such as color washing can create a tasteful, artistic feel to any color palette. Color washing is a versatile technique that combines a base coat of paint with tinted glaze to create a variety of customized looks and can be used on any surface type.

Channel Picturesque Old World Style

Color washing is a fairly recent type of painting technique, developed in the 1900s to imitate old world style interior paint layers. Before our modern method of painting that we know today, people would cover their aging plaster walls with a strong, long-lasting type of whitewash known as limewash. This process left an unintentional distressed, rough finish that changed in hue as it grew older. These days, color washing by using base paint under a tinted glaze layer is our new world approach to that long-ago look.

Create a Soothing Ambiance

There is an assortment of color washing methods to add the perfect backdrop and set the tone for your home or business. For a charming Tuscany style finish, use rich gold or soft shades of brown and a slightly darker glaze, or lighten it up with cream or apricot paint colors as the base.

For a rustic, patina look try using two or more subtle base colors with an extra dark glaze to create a textured look that’s low maintenance and long lasting. Color washing can also effectively soften bright colors to highlight a room without overwhelming the space by using dark glaze over bold colors.  And for added dimension, layer on several thick brush strokes of glaze to help lengthen walls to make ceilings seem higher, or use both vertical and horizontal strokes for a cross-stitched woven effect.

If you want to add character to a smaller space through color washing without adding too much of an aged, textured look use colors in the same family for smooth blending and easy visual transitions. Small rooms can be tricky, but adding colors just a few shades darker or lighter combined with a thin glaze can energize the space while remaining elegant.

Consult the Painting Experts 

Color washing is sure to turn any wall into a statement-worthy piece of art. So if you’re looking to add depth to a room, whether it is interior or exterior, the specialists at West Coast Painting can help you find the perfect inspiration for an authentic color washed paint design. Contact West Coast Painting today to get your free painting estimate, or call us direct: 941-320-0332.

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