A Contemporary Color Palette for a Contemporary Design

Are you revamping your home or business to have a contemporary design? Selecting the right contemporary color palette for your space will really enhance that elegant, modern feel that you’re going for. These days, designers love a monochromatic palette for a contemporary design.

Monochrome Magic

Contemporary designs are all about sleek lines and functional simplicity. This is where a monochromatic paint scheme comes in. Using colors from the same color family unifies the space while still being simple and understated. With varying shades of the same color, your space will look well put together but without losing the simplicity of your modern design.

However, a monochrome paint selection for your contemporary color palette will still add visual interest to the room. Seeing one shade of your chosen color fade into the next and seeing how they subtly play off each other will still be captivating without being overwhelming. Your space will be soothing and attractive to the eye when you use similar shades.

Contemporary Peace and Quiet

A major benefit of a monochromatic space is that it helps to create a peaceful environment. Contemporary designs are famous for being clean and quiet, foregoing big visual stimulators and intricate designs. Monochromatic colors on your walls will further emphasize this. Because the colors are similar, you won’t feel distracted or overwhelmed by them. You and your guests can simply enjoy the space and let your minds be at ease.

A great monochromatic contemporary color palette for a contemporary design might utilize shades of the color green for a tranquil vibe. A pale mint for your walls will complement the modern aesthetic and some accents in a darker forest green will still keep the room visually interesting. The space will look modern and classy and your guests will definitely see that you put a lot of careful thought into your color choices.

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