Marina Jack, Sarasota, FL

Marina Jack is one of Sarasota’s iconic destinations. The building stands as a beacon of Gulf Coast living and dining. Yet, over time, the daily wear and tear from salt infused air not to mention the pounding from the sun’s UV rays have wreaked havoc on the exterior. These environmental factors led to cracks, peeling and an uneven finish. The time was ripe for a refreshed and reinvigorated look to one of Sarasota’s most enduring landmarks.

West Coast Painting was specifically chosen for our ability to apply state of the art finishes quickly and efficiently. When your business needs patrons any down time for repairs or repainting can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. However, because our painters are expertly trained and have years of experience, Marina Jack’s was able to operate smoothly and without interruption.

It took less than a week for our painters to complete this time sensitive project. As you can see from the pictures above, the finished look is brighter, livelier, and welcoming.