In Progress: Marina Jack

Sarasota Dining Landmark Chooses West Coast Painting for State-of-the-Art Exterior Repainting

Marina Jack is one of Sarasota’s iconic dining destinations. With its one of a kind view and menu, Marina Jack’s has been the location for countless romantic evenings and special events. Yet, even though the location might be prime, the beating the building’s exterior has taken due to our tropical climate has left its toll. Thankfully, the cracks and uneven finish that greeted locals and seasonal visitors will be no longer.

West Coast painting is currently repainting Marina Jack. While the exterior paint serves to refresh the bright and inviting look this premier restaurant is known for, that’s not the only advantage the owners and patrons will receive. The exterior paint we are using is specially formulated to clean itself! That’s right; the new exterior of Marina Jack will be self-cleaning!

Here are some amazing details of this amazing project:

  • When it rains, the exterior paint will clean itself
  • We used 60 gallons of paint to achieve a signature look
  • All the cracks prior to applying bonding conditioner were patched
  • The bonding conditioner we used increases the adhesion of the finish for a longer-lasting result

Stay tuned to our blog to see more pictures of this project in process.

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