Wood Staining & Finishing Work

What else sets our finishing and staining capabilities apart?

West Coast Painting applies only high-quality finishing and staining products to doors, trim, mouldings, beams, paneling, and other exterior and interior wood applications. As evidenced by the pictures above, the work we accomplish can be the highlight of any room.

Architects, custom home builders, and interior designers trust our knowledge. Because our wood expertise is second to none, we ensure the finishes and stains used are tailor made for that specific species of wood. For instance, applying any paint to siding applications that use hardwoods like Ipe will result in failure. This exotic species seen on many of Sarasota’s premier homes is too dense and oily for any paint to adhere. We also consider environmental factors that, depending on your home’s location can drastically affect the performance and longevity of the wood in your home. For homes seeking LEED certification, we can also apply certified green finishes with low VOCs and other organic compounds.